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Thursday, 29 December 2016

    Knowledge And Imagination

What is Knowledge ?
Knowledge may be something as obvious as the five fingers of your hand or the air which you breathe. It may be something as complicated as the cellular structure of the fingers of your hand or the composition of the air you breathe. Basically, it is the combination of the information gathered by you. Your knowledge is defined by the information you have, or more precisely the useful information you have.

What is Imagination ?
Have you ever dreamed of  flying like Superman in the sky, or how is the atmosphere on one of the moons of Jupiter or how it feels while driving a brand new Bugatti ! Weird isn't it.
Imagination is the flight of our conscious and sub-conscious minds into the unknown.
Most of our imagination and dreams feel weird. 
However, not all of us feel the same way.

Knowledge is bound by the information gathered by our sensory receptors. But our imagination knows no boundaries ! It is limitless. We can imagine about the atmosphere of any one of the moons of Jupiter, but we don't have knowledge about that. 

Imagination persuades us to gain knowledge about it. Unless we don't imagine, how we could we be motivated to gather the knowledge about it.

"We are what our thoughts make us. 
Our knowledge is only limited to the extent of our imagination."

So don't let your imagination die a natural death, pursue your dreams because Knowledge follows Imagination.

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

The Unknown

Everyone believes they know themselves better than anyone else.
Sometimes we boast about, how someone knows us better than ourselves, but the words don't resonate with the thoughts going on in the mind. Most of the times it is only to please the person in front of us and not the truth.

The question which very often crosses my mind is, Do we know ourselves ?

Knowing someone else is easier. It has always been. Observing someone from a distance or may be spending happy as well as tense moments with them gives us an insight to their lives, their thoughts, ambitions, fears.

How they are ! 
How they want to be 20 years from now !

All this seems so easier, unless it comes to ourselves. 

I have always been a Taboo for myself. It seems like a restricted area, where my mind can't take me to. 

I start to tread down the path, but at the end I find myself  standing at the starting point itself, staring at myself.

I felt disappointed, as I was the one who doesn't knows who he is. 
Later when I talked to other people, I found out no body really knows about themselves. For the better part of their lives, we are busy knowing somebody else, because that is what we humans do really. This is who we are. 
Are we afraid to know ourselves ? Are we even ready to know ourselves ? Even if we are ready to know ourselves, Are we willing to walk down the path to find out the truth about who we are? We fear the unknown. We are wary of unknown. Does that mean we fear ourselves ?   

We will be looking for the answers. I will be looking for the answers. Unless I get it, I wont stop. I can not stop.